How to install CENTOS 7 for Asterisk Installation?

How to install CENTOS 7 for Asterisk Installation?

One of the most stable operating systems is  CENTOS. CENTOS is widely using in Asterisk implementations as well. In this article, we are learning how to install CENTOS for using in our asterisk production servers.  We are using the latest CENTOS version (version 7) and in the next articles, we will learn how to install and configure latest stable release of Asterisk. ( latest LTS version is 13 as I’m writing this article).

1 – Download CENTOS 7 iso image:

you can download a CENTOS 7 iso image from its source mirror. CENTOS 7 is just available for 64-bit architectures as most production servers are now 64bit. Select the Minimal version.

Asterisk Malaysia CENTOS 7 Minimal

2 – Write the CENTOS iso file on a CD and boot your server.

3 – Begin Installation 

CENTOS installation for Asterisk Callcenter - Asterisk Malaysia

4 – Select Language and Keyboard 

CENTOS7 Installation for Asterisk setup - Asterisk-Malaysia

5 – Select Timezone

Asterisk callcenter KualaLumpur

asterisk Time Zone Kuala Lumpur

6 – Select The Installation Destination

Select CENTOS installation destination - Asterisk Malaysia


7 – Begin Installation

8 – Set up root password

Click on ROOT PASSWORD and change setup the root password.


Asterisk Malaysia - Setup Root Password CENTOS7

9 – Setup a new user

Asterisk-Malaysia-Setup a new user

Asterisk-Malaysia-Setup a support user

10 – Complete installation and reboot 




11 – Ask your questions and problems in Asterisk Malaysia community forum.